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Citizenship by investment


Citizenship by Investment Overview

Citizenship by Investment is a relatively modern phenomenon enabling residents/citizens of one country to relocate to another country by investing in that country’s Citizenship by Investment programme (CIP). Although many countries now offer Residency by Investment programmes, there are only a handful which offers official citizenship programmes, the majority of which are located in Europe, the Caribbean & the South Pacific.

The world’s first citizenship by investment programme opened in St. Kitts and Nevis in 1980. Throughout the years, many countries have opened such schemes. However, recent years have seen a surging demand for such services as high-net-worth-individuals recognise the advantages of such programmes and seek greater personal and business opportunities, travel freedom and a safe personal environment.

Another common feature of citizenship by investment programmes is that many countries which offer such schemes allow for dual citizenship, meaning there is no need to forfeit citizenship from your country of birth. The safety such programmes provides are a key reason why many wealthy individuals choose to invest in such schemes. Moreover, individuals from countries with traditional low freedom and travel opportunities are often restricted by forces beyond their control.

One of the major benefits of citizenship by investment programmes is that they also enable your family to be included in the main application. This is especially beneficial for investor with families, as a major drawing point of such schemes is that your children will have access to world-class education, social and healthcare systems, enabling them to develop and reach their full potential.

Upon acquisition of citizenship, you will be granted full citizenship rights, meaning you are entitled to work, live, study and own property in the country without question. Traditionally, an individual was granted citizenship rights based on the country of their birth or the nationality of their parents. Through Citizenship by Investment however, you have greater control and access to opportunities on a global scale.

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